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Paint Kit Instructions

Touch Up Paint Instructions,

When using a car touch up paint kit to repair those small stonechips, or scratches that your vehicle can easily obtain through general wear and tear there are a few simple rules to follow that will ensure your vehicle will retain its near new finish and maximise its used car value.

Paint Touch Up Application

Thoroughly shake the touch up paint basecoat color before applying. Apply as many coats necessary to cover the area leaving 5-10 minutes minimum between light coats. Do not wet sand or use prep solvent in between coats of touch up paint or clearcoat.

Please allow 30 minutes after the last layer of base coat color application to apply touch up clearcoat. Apply 2-3 coats of clearcoat using a light dabbing motion waiting 10-20 minutes in between each coat. Be gentle with the brush because you do not want to disturb the undercoats.

Clearcoat should be dry to the touch in 1-2 hours, but will completely dry overnight. Use Rubbing Compound once fully dry to bring out and optimum level of gloss. Do not wax the fresh paint for one month.

Another little tip would be if you are repairing and extremely small stonechip or scratch, then you could simply mix three parts paint with one part laquer, trim your brush to the required thickness as to just fit the affected area. Then use the mixed paint and apply in one coat, this way you only have to make a neat application once instead of having to apply twice and making unsightly overspill around on the original paintwork.

This method is particularly useful for the inexperienced use or the person with a more unsteady hand.